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August 31, 2013
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Mahou Shonen App - Attis Sagona by TheLostOctober Mahou Shonen App - Attis Sagona by TheLostOctober
sadly, I can't do sparkles. I can do orb-y things.))I am a dummy!

EDIT: I added better lookings and added some more sparkle

Name: Attis Sagona
Nickname: Pateras, Adelphos
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: Greek
Voice:… (0:43 - 1:23) (Voice of Junpei Iori - Persona 3

Personality: Attis is a very protective kind of guy! He is fatherly due to the fact he helped raised his brothers with his mom. He is intimidating to alot of people, yet he can be a gentle sweetheart. He likes to give people advice and cheer them up when down. He would kick someone's ass if someone is messed with. His friends tend to calm him "Adelphos" (big brother) because he can have a sweet side to his fatherliness or Pateras (father) when he is being a complete protective, enforcing and tough guy. He does have a sense of humor that tends to be a little odd for him being mature for his age but can make people laugh.

The only flaw within his personality is that he can be secretive and not tell the truth all the time due to a traumatic experience he had in his past.

Biography: Attis was born into a middle class family in Thessaloniki, Greece. He had three younger brothers, Alphonse, Narci and Thanatos. The four boys were born to a Greek mother who was the owner of her own bakery as his German father was a airline pilot. As Attis's father flew planes, Attis helped his mother raise his younger siblings. He loved his brothers and wanted to make sure that everything they went through, never caused them harm.  Due to the fact that he tried to help his brothers, he did not do well in school. He failed exams left and right. He was held back in the eighth grade because of him taking care of his brothers. Yet, it didn't matter to him. Due to his generous heart, he only wanted his brothers to be successful.

Flight after flight, it seemed his father started to disappear for a while. Then, when he finally stepped home, he had a bottle in his hand. Attis was a happy child. When he was 15, his mother at her second job as a night nurse at the local hospital, and his brothers sleep, Attis's father appraoched him. Attis simply said, "You're drunk, go to bed." Even though his assumption was strongly correct, his father didn't think so and broke the vodka bottle in his hand. Quickly, he slashed the bottle down Attis's face, leaving a scar under his right eye.  Bleeding plenty, Attis was strong enough to not cry over the open wound. Instead, he called the cops and to a hiding spot, away from his drunken father. The cops arrived only causing a weary sight of his mother seeing her husband go to jail for child abuse. 

His mother decided to divorce her husband and seek more help from Attis. Attis became an awesome student at his highschool in Thessolanki, playing soccer and becoming the captain of the swim team. He did have a few gray areas by getting C's in his courses but in the end, he graduated. He wasn't an honor grad or valedictorian, but he passed. He was accepted into the Uninversity of Macedonia in his city and majored in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. In congratulations, his brothers gave him golden anklets. His youngest brother, Thantos game him an anklet that seemed to be polished and cared for before given to him as the other two were slightly polished and dim. Narci was always full of him self and Alphonse just didn't care. It was ok, because the only thought that mattered was that Thantos cared for his eldest brother.


Magical Name: Super Soldier Infinity HoneyDew
Color: Pistachio
Quote: "Infinitas Venit" (Latin for: Infinity Comes.)
Stellar Power: SP 2

Heart Gem: Attis has three golden anklets, one from each of his brothers. His youngest brother, Thanatos, gave him a anklet that was polished by his own hands. Even though it wasn't real gold or very expensive, Attis keeps it close due to it being the only anklet that was bought out of love. The pistachio colored gem appears on the opening where the anklet can be removed. Now, the anklet will not come off.

Angelus: Clotho is a piggy named after one of the Moirae Sisters who spin the Thread of Fate. She is the youngest sister and also known as the Goddess of Destiny. She specifically is the sister that weaves the thread of a person's life, deciding their fate into reality. In her first stage, she is a tiny teacup pig so she is easy to travel with.

Angelus Bio: Clotho lived in Angelion for a only a little while due to recently being born onto this planet. She usually is the friendly type of Angelus and likes to talk to everyone she sees. So you can say she is a talker. One the outside, she is such a talkative, open creature but on the inside, she is a very cautious Angelus. She had always been petite and she always thought someone was after her. 

When the calm period was disturbed by the unknown source on Angelion, Clotho was one of the first people to leave! She couldn't get herself killed. She has already witnessed some of her friends killed from the defense system being destroyed. She saw that the enemy was not only too tough but too scary for her young eyes. Yet, her cowardliness could not get hte best of her. So she threw one measly attack that caused little damage to one of the reinforcements from the alien that terroized their planet. She couldn't let other planets or dimensions become destructed by such an entity.

When reading the last message of the Head Mistress, she heard little of a planet called Earth that was lightyears away. For years, she traveled through solar systems and galaxies to not find such a place called, "Earth" She thought the alien was going to chase her to Earth and blow her to pork chops. (pffft I had too) So with luck, she saw the pod break an atmosphere and hit the school grounds of an unknown place. She caught her breath, hoping to enjoy Earth. People began to crowd the pod and her, scaring the hell out of her. She squealed like a teenage female and caused other students to run. She knew for sure that Earth was going to be a scary place.

Encounter: After the crash, news broke out on the school radio station that the foreign object had ran lose and Animal Control was trying to catch it. Attis looked distraught, knowing that a helpless creature probably scared to death was going to be caught. He let it bother him until the end of his class. He walked outside to catch some of his frat brothers looking at the pod and taking pictures. Attis shook his head and saw a little green pig was running across the center field of the university. He didn't wanna cause attention to it so he walked across the street. The piggy was shaking in fright. Attis looked down at it with his default, stern look.

Clotho shook as the human approached her, yet he didn't even react oddly. He just knelt down and reached for her. She looked at his palms and trotted to him. He stood up with her in his palm and smiles, "You're so small." Since she knew Greek, she responded, "You are very tall." Attis's eyes widened, "Whoa, you can talk?" She nods and she snorted. He smiles, "Do you have a home?" Clotho says, "It was destroyed but I think I have found a place to call home."
Even though Attis was freaked the :iconcensoredplz: out, he didn't wanna frighten such a delicate pig so he asked, "Where is it?" Clotho said with full of hope, "Your heart is full of purity and sweetness, I think your heart is my home." Attis thought, "Is this pig hittin on me?" Clotho questioned, "Hitting' on you?" Attis shook his head, "Never mind." Finding it awkward to talk to a big in the middle of a large university, he retreated home, Clotho still in hand.

When Clotho explained the whole process and why she chose Attis as a guardian, he was more lost than ever. He simply questioned, "Wait, I am like, a magical girl or somethin?" Clotho acknowledged, "You're a magical...boy." Attis laughed it off until he saw a gem on his anklet, "Your heart lies with the anklet of your smallest brother yes?" Attis looked suddenly determined, "I - I mean, he's my brother and I love him." Clotho then stated, "Your gem is there so you can transform into the guardian you will become. I see you cover your scar from your father's abuse very well, hence, your scar will be shown when you transform, showing strength and courage that you have made it through a chapter in your young life. I am named Clotho for reason. I spin the thread of life and you, Attis, have a long life of adventure ahead of you."

Present: Attis got an apartment in downtown Thessolanki and Clotho is officially his pet. She is pretty much an oddly clean piggy and takes baths in the sink when "Master Attis" is cooking for himself. Their friendship is very friendly since they act like little dormmates. When friends come over, Clotho resides in her room and likes to watch soap operas and murder - crime television shows. She sleeps in a bed, like a twin size bed and loves to jump on the bed. She eats what he eats and decides that her favorite taste in food in authentic Greek food with alot of vegetables and meat. When he is in class, Clotho does a daily routine: wake up, jump on counters, eat, sleep on counter, eat, watch TV , talk to Attis when he's home, eat, bath, eat and sleep.

✄→Name: Atropos and Lachesis
✄→Description: These are twin daggers named after the other two sisters of the Moirae Sisters. Atropos is the eldest sister who determines the fate by cutting the thread, ending life. Lachesis is the middle sister who determines the length of the thread, determining how long the live until Atropos cuts it. The twin daggers contrain ribbon to emphasize the mythology of daggers. It is mainly used for close range attacks but can also be thrown for long range. It is better effective through close range because of the blade being extremely sharp.

:bulletgreen:→Name: Harmony's Strike
:bulletgreen:→Description: Infinity Honeydew's elements are Wind and Melee attacks so his average attack is Harmony's Strike. He pulls out his daggers and leaps into the air to get a precise target lock and spins repatedly like the Tazmanian Devil to slash his daggers across the enemy. Now the attack has increased for double damage

:new: Defense:
:bulletgreen:→Name: Athena's Love
:bulletgreen:→Description: Infinity Honeydew finally enforces enough magic to create an individual shield enforced to surrond up to Super Soldiers with a 500 ft radius. The shield blocks two blows and then dissolves until enough magic is restored.



:bulletgreen: His birthday is January 16th
:bulletgreen: In Mahou Shonen mode: he is more the heroic/badass/showoff
:bulletgreen: He is pansexual but prefers men
:bulletgreen: He is a shipper in animes.
:bulletgreen: He loves to use the F - Bomb
:bulletgreen: His favorite games are Fire Emblem: Awakening and Persona Series
:bulletgreen: He is an otomen.  (Young men who are actually feminine whereas they are so manly in front of others)

Clotho: His Angelus

✄Character Themes: 

[Main Theme/If approached by Attis for first time] :…
[Daily Basis/ Very Happy]:…
[In Class/Daydreaming] :…
[Confessing to a crush]:…

Transformation Theme] :…

[Battle Theme] :…
[If Death in Battle]:…
[Revenge for Fallen Comrade] :…
[Approaching a Boss Battle (if any)] :…
[In Boss Battle (if any)] :…
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MShounen Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Congratulations! You have leveled up to STELLAR POWER LEVEL 2! Here are your gains.

☆ 1+ Additional Magical Move (ATK/DEF/SKL)
☆ Allocate 50 stat points to your stats (STR/END/DEX/AGI/VIT)

Remember to update your profile! Keep working hard, Super Soldier!
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
brawwr Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello!! Thanks for applying to MahouShonen! I am here to give you our feedback on your app! Your character is great, but there's a few things we want to point out to see if you would review. ` v `/

First, I'd like to remind you that your character's magical name is nice, but does not follow the MS naming rule! While the 'Infinity' part is fine, the second part of a mahou shounen's name is supposed to describe their color. So unfortunately, you should choose a word that describes 'green', like 'leaf', 'melon', 'grass' et cetera, rather than 'Guardian'.

Other than that, we also see that your character is Greek. However, his last name is Jaeger, which is German. Our review is that perhaps it would be better to choose a sensible Greek name, or perhaps describe why his surname is German while he and his family are Greek? (Maybe his father is German?) 

That's it!! You have a lovely app. Thanks for applying and good luck!
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Done and Done! Thank you for the check! 
brawwr Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icondojimathumbsupplz: You are welcome!!
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm sending it in now
Miss-Gravillian1992 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Lovely♥...amg he's an Otomen




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